How much does it cost?

Colts Subs Fees

Age GroupSubscription Fee1st Sibling2nd Sibling
U9 to U15£130£95£75

NB: New Colts do NOT need to pay until they have attended 2 sessions and are sure they wish to continue playing cricket . New colts will need to fill in a Junior Membership form after the 2 week probationary period, and pay the subscription.

Please note that in addition to the annual subscription colts are expected to pay a match fee of £12 if they play in a senior game on a Saturday or £10 on a Sunday.

Cheques should be made payable to WHCC and sent to the COLTS TREASURER asap.

Send payments to

Dave Bowen, 5A Branscombe Gardens, Winchmore Hill, N21 3BP


Players in the senior section currently pay a small annual subscription and then match fees each time they play. Discounts are given to those with low incomes such as the unemployed and students and in exceptional cases fees are completely waived. However, we are in the process of altering this arrangement so that the match fees will be substantially reduced and the balance of the running costs will be met by donations and other fund raising events. The application of discounts for those on low incomes will continue to apply as will the waiver of fees in exceptional circumstances. The youth section operate in a different way financially as they make a number of payments throughout the season to cover the costs of providing the facilities and then make an annual donation to the club to help with the other costs. As with the senior section there are special arrangements for those on low incomes and occasional remission of all fees for those facing exceptional financial hardship. Thus there should never be a player who is unable to benefit due to financial considerations.