Player conduct and policies

Parental Carer Information Sheet

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Wet Weather policy

Match days – Contact manager of age group.
Monday/Tuesday evenings – Information will be displayed on the notice board at the end of the pavilion. Please check this board before leaving your child. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED UNTIL HIS COACH IS PRESENT. If it is raining when a session starts, it will be cancelled.

Age Group managers will be advised by 5pm if the sessions are cancelled. Perhaps a team “test chain” could be organised. Speak to your manager. We have to make some difficult decisions when there has been wet weather during the day.

Unlike winter sports, cricket cannot be safely played in wet weather. Hopefully we shall enjoy better weather this year!

Health and Safety

The nets can only be used when there is a coach present to supervise, otherwise they will be locked. However, they will be open at weekends, to be used , whilst matches are taking place. NO SPIKES SHOULD BE WORN IN THE NETS.

A cricket helmet MUST be worn when batting or wicket keeping with a hard ball. ONLY soft balls should be used when coaches are not present, particularly on practice nights in the outfield. Please do not leave your child unsupervised before/after nets or matches.

Other protection such as gloves, pads and an abdomen protector (box) WITH THE CORRECT SUPPORT, should also be worn with a hard ball. Thigh pads are a further option.