Working with local schools

When I became the CDO at Winchmore Hill back in September 2015 I was actioned by our club chairman Neal Avent to build a schools partnership with  3/4 schools in our community.

What Happened over the past 2 years was truly astounding , It is quite possibly the biggest independant amateur club school partnership in the country in any sport where we actively go into schools and coach cricket on a 6 week cycle .

I was told that Cricket in 2015 was the 8th highest participation summer sport in Enfield Borough in 2017 it must be on a level par at the top with Football for summer participation thanks to the scheme that me and my team have built up  . So by “banging the drum” and inspiring all to take up cricket we have really built an amazing hotbed for the sport in Enfield. 

In 2016 we managed to

  • To go into 14 schools and provide a 6 week coaching programme for each school , all of which was free as I gave up my time to ensure that we reached out to every school that wished for us to go in and give them all a taste of cricket.
  • Coach upwards of 1,800 children cricket within the schools 
  • In assemblies talk about cricket to nearly 7,000 children
  • Inspire teachers to provide extra cricket lessons through the PE Curriculum 
  • Gain nearly 70 colts at our club as well as getting colts playing cricket at other clubs within the borough as well 

In 2017 we managed to boost our scheme with help from Middlesex Chance to Shine Scheme as well as help from Enfield Borough PE Department we managed to 

  • 27 schools (11 of which were C2S projects) 5 Secondary schools 
  • Coach just under 2,500 children
  • Outreach cricket into all areas of Enfield Borough from deprived areas such as Edmonton , through Winchmore Hill, Enfield, Southgate, New Southgate , Palmers Green 
  • Talk in assemblies to nearly 12,500 children
  • Schools actively contacting us to see if we could go and coach within their schools 
  • Inspire not just teachers to coach cricket but get 36 people of which 19  are parents of new colts within our set up to take their Coach Support Workers coaching badge.
  • Gain 115 new colts at our club in 2017 
  • Many more new colts at other clubs within the borough as well

I was hoping that we would be able to increase our school that we coach in to 35/40 schools through our partnership , making us one of the biggest amateur school partnerships in the country , but we are in the desperate need of funding to help us to be able to outreach to every child within our borough to be able to have the opportunity to play cricket . 

  • 2018 Figures (Projected)
  • 42 schools
  • 3,500 children coached 
  • 18,000 children talked to about cricket
  • 150 new colts at the club
  • Many more new colts at other clubs within the borough as well
Thanks to every school for allowing is to come in and spread the word of cricket 

If you child goes to a school that we do not go into please pass on my details to the school PE Co-ordinator or 07885995414 I would be delighted to meet you and build a partnership that lasts a lifetime with your school .

Bang the Drum for the Hill 2017

Jim Clarke – Winchmore Hill Cricket Club Cricket Development Officer

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